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Young Learners

Younger learners - from 10 to 12 are also a popular profile on our summer programmes.
If parents want to send individual students, we can supply an individual monitor / leader who will look after the students pastoral care and ensure their academic engagement in the course is positive.

This means that the students day is as follows:
8:00am - Meet your individual leader outside the residence.
8:15am - Have breakfast with your leader and any other students in your group.
9:00am - Your leader ensures you are prepared for your lessons and that you are on time for class
10:30am - You have a break. If you need to speak to your leader, they will be nearby, or you can message them to come to you.
12:30pm - Your class ends and you go to lunch with the rest of your class. Again, your leader will be there ensure that you have lunch and that you are happy and comfortable with the food and portion sizes. Your diet and eating habits are very important to us and we want to ensure that you are eating properly.

At 14:00, you will go on an afternoon activity until approximately 17:00 to 18:00. A member of staff will accompany you on this and will return with you to campus.

At 18:00, you will have dinner with your friends (your leader will be close by ) and you can chat about your day - who was able to stand up on the surf-board, who did the best celtic art design or who won the prize in the orienteering exercise.

At 19:00, you will go have your evening activity - again with a Native Speaker team member - this will be something like Karaoke, DVD, Sport or Talent Night. At 21:00 you will finish up the fun of the evening activity and head back to the residence with your friends and class-mates where you can have some chill-out time before bed-time at 23:00.

Individuals are often put into one group together so that they don't feel alone or lonely. Integration is a key part of the Native Speaker summer course. Past students often comment on the friendships they made with students from other countries and this is a very positive outcome of the programme.

Parents report back that they find their children return home with an increased sense of confidence and more open to new experiences.