A key academic exam that students have to go through is IELTS. When you study at Native Speaker, you will be given the tuition and guidance required to attempt and achieve the necessary score in the IELTS exam which in turn will give you access to university courses around the world, not to mention key career moves. You will learn the key skills and techniques to help you do well in the exam and get to practise these intensively throughout your course. You will be guided and advised by your teacher to perform to the best of your ability on the day of the exam.

If you are from outside the EU and want to study in a year-round course in Ireland, you can apply for an IELTS course at Native Speaker. When you achieve the score you require, you can go on to apply for a third level programme in IT Sligo or indeed any other university around the world.
Because our courses are on the IR (Internationalisation Register) , you can get a visa that will allow you to stay in the country for the duration of the course. Attendance is important on the course and is closely monitored. Exit and Re-entry Visas will require a letter of attendance from the school. So be sure you keep up a sensible approach to your course.