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Talking Walks

Hazelwood is very popular with the both visitors and locals and many people go there for a walk or a run or simply just to soak up the peace and quiet and get away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives.
It has many paths - approximately 3km - that wind around the lake and into the forest. Lough Gill has many attractions located on its shores - among them the beautiful Dooney Rock and Parke's Castle.

Native Speaker Ltd; The Beauty of Trees & Water


The Beauty of Trees & Water

Lough Gill is the lake just five minutes drive from the school. Surrounded by the amazingly beautiful Hazelwood Forest, it is a wonderful place to go for a walk and to hold certain orienteering activities on our summer junior programme.
Hazelwood Demesne (pronounced DEMAIN) was originally the home of the Wynne family who were the owners of Hazelwood House house and most of the surrounding lands for 300 years. The Wynnes were a very important Sligo family some of whom were High Sheriffs as well as MPs of the British Parliament. that ruled Ireland at the time.
Hazelwood House was designed in what is regarded as a Palladian style by the German-born architect Richard Cassells. He also designed Leinster House (the home of the Dail - the Irish Parliament) as well as the the Rotunda Hospital and the Printing House at Trinity College Dublin. He also designed a number of the Anglo-Irish ascendancy homes around the country. These include Powerscourt House and Carton House.