Native Speaker Ltd; Study Space


Study Space

IT Sligo offers great facilities on campus and foremost among these is the Library.
Let's face it, you want to have fun and make friends as part of your study experience, but your priority is to learn more, improve your level and pass exams.
The library is a great place to sit down and study. It has quiet areas, discussion areas and presentation rooms so you can study with your friends or go solo.

It is just down the main concourse from the main canteen so if you need to take a break, you can pop out for a coffee or even take a stroll around the walking path to clear your head and get a breath of fresh air.

Native Speaker Ltd; A Place to Focus


A Place to Focus

The library is a really beautifully designed space. It is an ideal spot to get your head down and hit the books. Bright, spacious and ambient, the library is a great place to get things done.
Find a quiet corner and tune in to the atmosphere of concentration. Block out all the external distractions and engage with your material.
Soon, you’ll have that great feeling of being in control of your study and feel ready to head back to lessons as a stronger student.

Native Speaker Ltd; Bright & Spacious


Bright & Spacious

The idea of a library being a dark and dusty den of dreariness is not what you experience when you use the library in IT Sligo. It is a bright and spacious area where daylight is a friend and not a distraction.
Designed to be a fresh space where a student can do the thing they're really here to do - study and improve their academic performance. Many areas are suited to group study while others are suited to individual focus.
You will look forward to getting into the library as regularly as possible where you can beat back the enemies of procrastination and guilt and get your teeth into your work.