A River Runs Through It

Native Speaker Ltd; A River Runs Through It


The river that runs through Sligo is called the Garavogue and is the shortest river in Ireland, running directly from Lough Gill through the town and out into the Atlantic Ocean on the other side. It is very popular with fly fishermen who can be seen trying to catch salmon in the evenings.

Food Capital

Native Speaker Ltd; Food Capital


Sligo is the capital of great restaurants and cafes in the north-west.
Charming cafes, pubs and restaurants line the leafy riverside walks.

The Old & The New

Native Speaker Ltd; The Old & The New


Sligo is a great combination of the old and the new. A rich history steeped in literature and culture, people from all over the world visit Sligo for its special blend of fun and learning.

Street Art

Native Speaker Ltd; Street Art


Sligo has a very unique street art culture. All round the town, you can see colourful street art that celebrates the history and literature of Sligo.

Modern Design

Native Speaker Ltd; Modern Design


Sligo is full of interesting architecture with buildings that catch the eye and make an impression. You can meet friends for a meal or a drink in one of many cool restaurants and cafes in the town.


Native Speaker Ltd; Festivals


Sligo has a range of festivals and events year round. Suited to all age groups - from teens to families, it's cultural calendar is an excellent and entertaining line-up of fun and cultural events that are enjoyed by thousands of visitors.