Business English
Business English is becoming more and more popular nowadays as greater demands are being put on the business community through international trade and recruitment.

English for Meetings · In English for meetings we introduce our students to the technical aspects of the language which are most appropriate in meeting situations. The course involves a lot of functional language, cohesion and vocabulary building as well as general listening and speaking skills
English for Negotiations · Negotiations demand a lot from one's language skills and in this course we help students to improve skills involving listening, note-taking, agreement and disagreement, formal structures and appropriate register
Telephone English · Our telephone English course involves the usage of correct forms of greeting and introduction as well as the register appropriate to particular telephone situations. We also give students training in certain listening skills - listening for detail and listening for gist- as well as techniques which can help improve speaking speed and interaction with the other speaker
Report Writing · Report writing requires skill and ability and a strong command of grammar such as tenses, passives, reported speech, subjunctives and inversion. In our course we revise students' ability in these areas and where necessary introduce them to these aspects of the language so that they can generate appropriate structures independently.
General Correspondence · Many firms conduct a considerable amount of business by correspondence, either by mail and fax or over the Internet, and often wish that their staff were more confident in their use of English. We offer firms the chance to specify what they would like their staff to do and then help them to achieve this.
General Business English · In this course we bring students through a standard Business English text to improve their general speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. This course suits non-English speaking students of business and management who wish to broaden their vocabulary and enhance their language skills.

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