English for Academic Purposes
Today's second and third level students are aware that their future education and career will involve using English to a greater extent. In English for Academic Purposes, our students' needs are identified and appropriately catered for. There are a number of options which we can offer students.

EAP1 · This course is suitable for those students who are already studying in a full or part time course but either feel that they are struggling somewhat with the material or that they would like to advance their standard.

EAP1 is taught over a 12-week period in 3 x 90 minute sessions per week. The maximum number in a group is 10 and the minimum number is 4.
EAP2 · This course is more suitable for those students who have greater demands on their time and who are unable to attend 3 times per week.

Below are some of the most common areas in which students wish to improve their skills:

Skills Focus Description Sample Modules
Discussion Skills Being able to participate effectively in tutorials  · Academic Register
 · Cohesion
Essay Writing Skills Being able to write clear and well constructed essays  · Title Interpretation
 · Starting an essay
 · Structuring paragraphs
 · Cohesion & Linking
 · Constructing a bibliography
Report Writing Being able to write reports for science subjects and industry  · Sequencing events
 · Understanding the language of reason & result
 · The relevance of structures such as the passive voice, subjunctive and inversion
Social Skills Being able to function within a modern educational institution  · Interaction with fellow students
 · Understanding new cultural norms
 · Dealing with lecturers & tutors
 · Transacting with college staff and local business people; landlord, employers etc.
Accuracy & Fluency Being able to balance language fluency with grammatical & lexical accuracy  · Full tense revision
 · Verb understanding
 · Vocabulary building
 · Speaking techniques
 · Correction processes

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