About Us
Native Speaker is based in the Sligo Institute of Technology campus and is the first recognised English language school in Sligo.

Native Speaker is a member of ACELS which is the national body that controls standards in EFL schools and organisations. ACELS operates under the auspices of the Irish Department of Education and Science. This is an indication to clients who come to Sligo to learn English of the highest possible standards in all aspects of their experience, from host family accommodation to residential accommodation, from their actual English lessons to their activity programme, which incidentally takes place against the backdrop of Sligo’s stunning landscape.

At Native Speaker we pride ourselves on offering high quality English language courses and training to both junior and adult students on summer courses and year round courses also.

When students come to Sligo, they are impressed not only by everything that Sligo town has to offer, but also Sligo county with its beautiful landscape, rich traditions of music, literature and culture but most of all they are impressed by the warmth of the people of Sligo.

Over the years, we have not only maintained but also enhanced our standards and introduced new innovations to every aspect of the course, while preserving the strong links between the Sligo Institute of Technology and ourselves.

At Native Speaker Sligo, our staff are extremely competent, well qualified and experienced, but most importantly, are chosen for their attitude and approach to teaching, as all of us here at Native Speaker do this because we enjoy the experience of meeting, teaching and indeed learning from our students who travel to Sligo from the four corners of the world.
So come to Native Speaker in Sligo – we’re in the land of heart’s desire!

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