Summer Junior Courses
Our Summer Junior course runs from the end of June to mid September and caters for students under 18 years of age. Students are sub-divided into groups of similar age and ability. Junior courses are totally flexible and accommodation and activities are optional, though this must be specified by the participants´ legal guardians prior to registering for the course.
Consisting of 20 classes of general English per week, our courses are designed to ensure that the students have plenty of fun while they are learning. Students have access to college facilities including the library, language laboratory, sports facilities and computer laboratory.
Activities include trips, games, competitions, sports events, crafts and adventure challenges all aimed at providing an opportunity for the students to improve their English, see more of the Irish countryside, learn more about Irish culture and most of all have great fun and make plenty of new friends.

Course Title Board* Activities  
scj01Summer Junior Course 1 yesyes Details
scj02Summer Junior Course 2 noyes Details

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