Work Placement
A new and innovative option for studying English in Ireland is our Work Placement course.
Students wishing to travel to Ireland to work while improving their English find this option very attractive, especially university graduates and undergraduates who would like to enhance their work experience and CV.

Participants work together with the management and administration team responsible for running the summer programme. Their duties include:
- Supporting the administration and management staff with all related duties
- Assisting in the activities programme
- Assisting on trips to various locations round the country
- Supervision of meal-times

The work placement is unpaid and suits an individual who wants to experience a very steep learning curve and see a major improvement in their level of English in a very short period.

All applicants to this course must be 18 years of age and have a minimum standard of Intermediate level English.

Interested applicants should contact the school for further details.

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