Lightening Lesson Courses

Have a look at one of our Lightening Lesson Courses below.

These short video lessons are perfect for the busy student juggling their social life, family life, work schedule and academic responsibilities. They range in length from under 15 minutes to as little as under 3 minutes.

They combine highly effective didactic techniques with the accessibility of online video and audio to help you learn on the go. You can hop on / hop off the course at any stage and re-visit it again when you have time.

This allows greater "digestion" of the course material and you won't feel as stressed to be 'at your desk' or put in hours in the library. Five minutes effective language practice is better than three hours staring at a course book  at your desk or in the library.

The content in this Lightening Course is a useful insight into the many common mistakes that occur in student language usage. You'll see why so many of our students studying on hybrid, blended, online and in-house courses enjoy our video lessons and use them to improve their performance when speaking English.